Our Social Responsibility

Aquatherm Engineering Consultants, being a young and growing start up, realizes, appreciates and contributes in line with its policy towards the philosophy of “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Though the aim of going in a big way towards this philosophy exists, at the present stage of growth of the company, the company is ensuring the optimal utilization of the relevant resources, towards maximising the fulfilment of the Social Responsibility.

Accordingly, to ensure the maximum reach of the benefits of the programme to the society, the company is partnering with Lions’ Club Blood Bank and Research Foundation and have been participating and contributing to the activities like Blood Donation Camps, health checkup, eye testing camps etc.


Health & Safety

Human Resources, having been, recognized as the best valuable asset of a company, AEC has taken all initiatives / actions towards achieving the health, safety and conducive working ambience of all their employees. Some of the areas covered in this aspect are:

  1. Comfortable / productive office ambience with climate control supported by the Emergency Diesel Generator in case of power failure.
  2. Health insurance scheme
  3. Periodical health checkup like vision testing.
  4. Firefighting training
  5. Safety manual.